About us

We are a collective of seasoned impact entrepreneurs.
We consider social and environmental challenges as our playground.

The best ideas are already out there. We search for them and generate new ones as we go. We develop the boldest ideas into ventures, grow proven concepts, and scale sustainable business to increase long-term positive impact.

Business as a force for good. Wonderful.


Our Services

We love to work on projects and ventures that have long-term positive social and environmental impact.
Together with your teams, with a joint commitment to success. Our expertises: #Business Development #Marketing #Entrepreneurship



  • Idea

    We facilitate workshops and inspiration sessions to source and to generate new ideas, products and services with business and impact potential.

  • Plan

    We design business models, define impact potential and start planning using Lean Start-up principles.

  • Develop

    we start market validation and pilot testing with a minimum viable product using growth hacking strategies.

  • Build

    We co-create business and investment plans with the right team and partners and build the company.

  • Scale

    We think big, grow to reach economies of scale and maximum success.


Our team

Over the years each of us has individually build expertise through starting and managing social ventures in different industries. We are connecting our energies, experience, network and skills so we can create even bigger impact in the future.


Contact us

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De Groene Bocht
Keizersgracht 452
1016 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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